This discussion forum is a place to exchange ideas about selections for the Global Literature Online Book Group both before and after the live, online sessions.

We have only one hour together online, and often this feels very short!  This is a place for you to respond to discussion questions (or pose your own) and talk with other educators about how the book group can inform your own teaching.  

Each of the narratives selected for this year’s Global Online Book Group are embedded in a historical moment of political and social significance for the region in which it takes place. Russian, Cuban, and Egyptian revolutions each transform the lives and loyalties of individuals and families within these novels, while we see armed conflict as well as economic and social forces shape choices and formation of identity in Ethiopia, China and India.  The thematic questions for this years' selections (What role do borders or boundaries play within this novel? What role do dreams and visions play within this novel?) are intended to help us think more deeply about the ways in which these works of literature approach themes of regional context, revolution, family, and identity.